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Cocaine Vs. Cok-N

$125 per gram $2 per capsule
Banned worldwide Legal in all countries
Dreadful Side-effects Absolutely no side-effects
Extremely addictive Not at all addictive

Snort The Pure Facts
It is no harm in finding out about drugs - the more you know, the better it is. This may sound to you as a “common say”. Here we bring to you all the facts about cocaine.


Street Name: Charlie, Snow & Coke
Cocaine is categorized as a very powerful addictive stimulant drug. The usual powdered form of cocaine is snorted by users; however it is also dissolved in water and injected. Crack cocaine is the one which is neutralized by an acid and made into a hydrochloride salt. This form of cocaine which comes in a rock crystal is heated and its vapors are smoked. The term "crack" refers to the crackling sound it gives when heated.

Cocaine prices are not fixed; it varies drastically from region to region. The average street prices derived from our reports collected from 20 different parts of England are as under:
1 ) A gram of pure coke powder usually costs between ?30 and ?60.
2 ) A Crack rock costs between ?12 and ?20 while a slice or as a 'clubbing rock' comes for around ?10.


No matter where ever you go the purest form of cocaine is always a fluke. A wrap of cocaine powder is usually mixed with substances like sugar or starch. The purity of Crack depends on the cocaine used in processing.

High & Crash on Cocaine

The Take Off
Cocaine acts extremely quick on the mind & body causing an initial sense of wellbeing and self-confidence. It gives a high surge sensation of physical strength and mental alertness. After taking cocaine a user becomes wide awake and feels fueled-up to think, talk, act & work compulsively in all new way. It makes a person feel the sensation of “speediness" in him.

However the cocaine "lift" is ephemeral as effects last for 2 to 4 hours or even less. A user reaches his peak very fast (if snorted) but it lasts only for 15 to 30 minutes. The very next moment of the ‘come-down’ effect of cocaine, the user develops a nervous & urgent need for more. The after-effect or "crash" of cocaine is the nastiest followed by rotting of nerves, a sudden feeling of gloom, and a feeling of irritation with crabbiness which can make him violent too.

Mental Breakdown
Regular or heavy doses of cocaine intake causes confused state of mind, stammering, short temper, restlessness and anxiety in users. They also undergo frequent emotional breakdown, long-term personality disorders and serious psychotic traumas. A cocaine user cannot refrain from it in that ease as sudden withdrawal & crash also triggers such mental imbalances.

Nasal Ulcers
Constant snorting or sniffing of cocaine causes nasal ulcers leading to nasal bleeding.

Malfunctioning of Heart
Cocaine accelerates the action of heart leading to breathlessness, high blood pressure, palpitations, sweating, severe headache and paleness. It also numbs the tongue, & mouth to dry.

Long-Term Effects
Prolonged use of cocaine have long-lasting effects on users like constant emaciation due to loss of appetite, moral deterioration due to self-neglect, anti-social feelings & unconsciousness resorting to crimes.

Cocaine & its Hallucinogenic Effects
Hallucinations depend upon user to user; it can be good or even extremely bad with fear-filled delusions. The hallucination normally sensed by cocaine users is a mirage of insects crawling under their skin. Addicts are identified as insane; they scratch themselves until they bleed in an attempt to dig the imaginary insects they see under their skin.

Moreover delusions, jealousy and harassment are common consequence of cocaine abuse.
These often lead to violence as it turns a user to undergo a tremendous mental break-down making him a psychopath.


Cocaine is categorized as “A Class” controlled drug. Cocaine may be prescribed in certain circumstances, otherwise it is illegal worldwide to produce or supply and even to possess. But cocaine is peddled furtively in most countries around the world.

In African countries like Nigeria & South Africa, it is a crime to have cocaine in your possession.

In south-east Asian countries use and possession of cocaine is illegal. Possession and use of cocaine is illegal in Hong Kong unless licensed by the Department of Health. In countries like Singapore, possession of cocaine more than 30 grams is treated as extremely illegal, the court of law sentences death or severe punishment for such acts.

Middle East
In middle-eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, use and possession of cocaine is strictly unlawful.

Australia & New Zealand
Cocaine is a “Schedule 8” controlled drug in these countries and illegal procession is outlawed.

United Kingdom
In UK and most European countries Cocaine is categorized as a “Class A” drug & highly controlled by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Medical use is permitted only under stringent authorization.

USA & Canada
Cocaine is classified as a high stimulant drug under the Controlled Substances Act of the United States & Canada. Possession of cocaine is prohibited in these countries.

The Illicit Trade

Though there are severe penalties for possession and trafficking of cocaine, it is peddled furtively around the world. As demand for cocaine always remains high, it is therefore black marketed in high prices. People caught involved in buying or selling of cocaine are arrested & prosecuted as it is considered as a severe criminal offence all over the world.

Cut the Snow Down

Medically it is proven that cocaine is a strong central nervous system stimulant, which interferes directly with the functioning of the brain. As cocaine is a very addictive drug no cocaine user is found to have used it just once in their lifetime. A cocaine user gets severely into this drug habit or he always looks for alternative drugs like LSD to comply with his requirement by his body. Withdrawal from cocaine use is very difficult as seen in most cases.

In many countries, the government has opened up facilities like some rehabilitation centers at various areas to look after cocaine drug addicts. Aid and support to the families and relatives of cocaine abusers have also been offered in certain countries. Drug counseling and social awareness of the ill-effects of cocaine use, has enabled governments of most countries to control the death rate due to cocaine use to some extent.

Added Danger: Cocaethylene

It is very lethal to mix cocaine with alcohol. Research conducted by NDA shows that when human liver combines cocaine and alcohol it produces a third substance called “cocaethylene”, which aggravates cocaine’s euphoric effects and also increases the potential risk of sudden death.

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