вторник, 6 януари 2009 г.

Interesting poll, conducted with one of our clients.

Do you use any drugs?
- I’ve tried one time ago…

Are you addicted?
- No.

What made you order legal drugs (and especially legal cocaine)?
- At first it was curiosity… after I saw the incredible price, nothing could prevent me from ordering… :D

How do you define the feeling, after legal cocaine acceptance?
- Slight dizziness and then a huge tide of energy. I was ready to burst! ;)

Why did you choose legal cocaine?
- Because it has no side effects, it’s full of natural ingredients, it’s affordable and last, but definitely not least – it’s LEGAL!

Did you order legal cocaine twice?
- Yes, the second time – 4 days later! I spoke to my friends about it and they decided to give it a try, so I had to order more!

Which legal cocaine quality is your favorite?
- With it you have no worries! Cok-n is harmless!

Are you satisfied with our services?
- Yes, the payment is 100% safe and secure, the delivery arrived 4 days after ordering. The cool thing is that they can return your money 10 days after the order, if you return the product!

Order legal cocaine now!

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